Internet Study Resources

As with all study material, one needs to use discernment as to whether resources are Biblically sound. Important things to consider are, who manages the resources, and their theological commitment.  Ideally, they need to be committed to either the Three Forms of Unity and/or the Westminster Standards. 

The following shortenings are used: BC (Belgic Confession), C of D (Cannons of Dort), HC (Heildelberg Catechism), and WC (Westminster Confession).

Section 1

The following resources subscribe to the Three Forms of Unity and/or the Westminster standards.

Website Doctrinal Standards Resource Type
The Seed  

BC, C of D, HC, WCSermons Indexed by Author, Text, Occasion or Topic.

Site maintained by Riese Heemskerk, who is a member of our Canadian sister church at Lincoln, Ontario

BC, C of D, HC, WC A library of articles: Written, Audio ( and Video sermons. Articles about church music and Reformed education. Some writing: poetry, prose and short stories
Word and Spirit  

The Word and Spirit Study Centre is for outreach into the community of our sister church of Brampton, Ontario

BC, C of D, HCSermons, Videos, Audio and readable articles indexed by topic
Reformed Churches of New Zealand  

BC, C of D, HC, WCSermons, written and audio, archived by minister and text. NZ Faith in Focus magazine
Christian Study Library  

Maintained by Rev Jopie van der Linden of our South African sister churches
BC, C of D, HCArticles on many church life topics and Bible chapters. Sermons available on
Heidelberg Catechism, Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary  

The webpages carries the following tabs: History, Lord's Days, Topics, Resources and New to the Catechism.

The webpage is sponsored by the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary. Sermons of Free Reformed ministers are availible on all the Lord's Days. 


HCLord's Days, sermons, articles

Section 2

Websites which provide resources for Further Study.

Website Doctrinal Standards Resource Type
Free Reformed School Association  

Articles which have appeared in the past have been arranged by Journal, Title, Topic, and Author, and may be searched on the JCCC website. To navigate, select: JCCC Library Index to Reformed Journals.

These articles are available in the JCCC library or via email with the librarian:

BC, C of D, HCArticles in: Clarion, Contender, In Holy Array, Reformed Perspective, Reformed Polemics, Thy Way, Una Sancta
Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary  

Website of the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary. Go to the 'Library' and choose 'Web Resources for Students.' You may choose: Bible tools and then Dictionaries/Encyclopaedias (linked to

BC, C of D, HCDictionaries, encyclopaedias
Reformed Books Online  

This site is maintained by a member of the Free Church of Scotland

WCWritings from 1800-1900, sermons and articles. Links to commentaries and outlines
Ligonier ministries  

Maintained by R.C. Sproul Snr.

CalvinistSermons, Articles, Courses available online - pay to study

This is the blog and resource page of Rev. W. Bredenhof. It is possible to subscribe and receive regular updates
BC, C of D, HCArticles
Reformed Outfitters  

BC, C of D, HCArticles on many topics by ministers of the Canadian Reformed Churches. Indexed by topic

C of D, WCArticles on many subjects, recommended books and commentaries for sale; courses; sermons

Section 3

Websites with non-specific Doctrinal standards, but providing useful Bible study tools and Reformed resources which need to be selected.

Website Doctrinal Standards Resource Type
Bible Hub  

GeneralCommentaries, concordance, dictionaries, atlas, timeline, sermons, works of Augustine, writings of early church fathers, Church History, History of Bible lands, Apocryphal writings, Creeds and Catechisms
Bible Gateway  

GeneralBible Gateway allows you to find and compare particular passages in multiple Bible translations based on keywords, phrases, topics, or Scripture references you have in mind
Sermon Audio  

To navigate you can:

  1. Choose by a known minister
  2. Go to Broadcasters; then Groups and Denominations and choose Canadian Reformed
  3. Scroll down to International Broadcasters and choose Australia, then an individual congregation. For printouts one can email the broadcaster
The site is not specific to our churches but you can select sermons of CanadianRC or FR Australia.Sermons; select by Bible, Topic, Speaker, Date