Our churches are involved, either directly or indirectly, in the work of mission, both locally and abroad.

  • Have a Cuppa
    Sharing the good news and love of Jesus Christ by caring for the people in the Armadale district in a safe environment.
  • Australian Free Reformed Relief Foundation
    When it comes to contributing to the work of Christian charity on a world-wide scale, the local churches support the work of the AFRRF. The aim of the foundation is to give Christian charity to any area in the world that is in need of such. This aim is based on the conviction that all that we possess is entrusted to us by God and we should be good stewards of it also to the benefit of our neighbour. The AFRRF supports various relief efforts and solicits special contributions from the churches whenever disasters strike in different parts of the world. The monies collected are channeled through various relevant international agencies known for their reliability and effectiveness.
  • Mission Lae, PNG
  • Mission Indonesia
  • Children of Light Foundation
    Children of Light (COL) is a volunteer organisation that supports the education of children in Indonesia.
  • New Hope Orphanage, Timor
  • Amos Aid
    Amos Australia began in 2005 with a small group providing a broad range of assistance to whole communities.