Synod Albany 2021 was convened on the evening of Monday 14th June 2021, with a public prayer service in the Free Reformed Church of Albany.

Synod was closed during the evening session on Wednesday 23rd June 2021.

The Moderamen for Synod were:

  • Chairman: Rev H Alkema
  • Vice Chairman: Rev R Bredenhof
  • First Clerk: Elder B Veenendaal
  • Second Clerk: Rev W Bredenhof



The final (published) version of the Acts of Synod is available as a single PDF file:

Press Releases

A press release was published after Synod closed:

Deputies Reports
All Reports: These portions of appendix 7 from the report from "Deputies - Training for the Ministry" were inadvertently missed from the Deputies Report: Links to Individual Reports:


Photos of the delegates are shown below, and were taken by Mathilde Mulder.

All Delegates
back row: Elder J Plug, Rev P Archbald (RCNZ), Rev AC Pol, Rev A Hagg, Elder W Pleiter, Elder J Lewis, Rev R Pot, Elder H Faas, Elder H Ballast, Rev D Poppe
front row: Elder P Witten, Elder S Thompson, Rev RD Anderson, Rev R Bredenhof, Rev H Alkema, Rev W Bredenhof, Elder B Veendendaal, Elder H van der Linde, Rev R Eikelboom

Officers of Synod
Elder B Veendendaal (First Clerk), Rev R Bredenhof (Vice-Chairman), Rev H Alkema (Chairman), Rev W Bredenhof (Second Clerk)