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Code of Ethics and Guidelines Respecting Contributions to Una Sancta

  1. All contributions to Una Sancta (US) must promote the front page objective: "Family journal for the edification of the Scriptural Way of Life", and fully accord with the BASIS and OBJECTIVES as stated in the constitution of the UNA SANCTA FOUNDATION.

  2. The following additional guidelines apply:

    1. Articles should be of such a standard and level that it can be understood by most US readers.

    2. Articles longer than 2500 words may be published in instalments or returned to the author for editing.

    3. Articles must be brotherly in tone.

    4. Articles that include copy sourced from other publications (print or internet) must be properly referenced. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

    5. Bible quotations must be from approved translations (i.e. NKJV [1] or NIV [2]).

    6. As a matter of courtesy and to avert the possibility of misrepresentation articles that include criticism of views expressed

      1. by previous authors, either in US or in other publications published within our bond of churches;

      2. or by a brother or sister at a public meeting held within our bond of churches:

      should be sent to the brother or sister before submitting copy. The EIC [3] may forward the article should he be unsure as to whether the author has done so.

    7. Where practicable a copy of an article that includes criticism of matters published in publications of our overseas sister churches ought to be sent to the overseas author.

    8. Articles that criticise private or unpublished communications should first be addressed to the person concerned as per Matthew 18.

    9. The above guidelines apply also to "Letters to the Editor".

    10. Acceptance for publication of a "Letter to the Editor" is at the sole discretion of the EIC [3].

    11. "Letters to the Editor" do not necessarily reflect the opinion and or editorial policy of US.

    12. By definition, a "Letter to the Editor" should be just that; to the editor. Additionally, it should be brief, to the point, thought provoking and not demanding of a response or reply. A "Letter to the Editor" will often be edited by the editor to satisfy this definition, or may even not be published if there are several on the same topic. With this in mind, "Letters to the Editor" should also be positive and encouraging.

    13. Only editors of US have the right of reply in the same issue as a "Letter to the Editor" that responds to an article authored by that editor.

[1]   New King James Version
[2] New International Version
[3] Editor in Chief
Adopted at meeting 68, held 29 October 2010
Amended at meeting 70, held 5th August 2011

last updated 17 Sep 2013
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