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Guidelines for Placement of Advertisements in Una Sancta

  1. The Foundation carries responsibility for all advertisements. Advertisements are lodged in writing with Una Sancta's typist who performs the necessary typing work before passing the material on to the EIC [1]. The typist/EIC shall accept an advertisement only if it complies with the rules below. In case of doubt or dispute the typist/EIC shall refer the prospective advertiser to the Foundation's representative nominated for this purpose.

  2. Guidelines:

    Besides personal advertising (births, engagements, marriages, anniversaries and deaths) general commercial advertising is acceptable provided -

    1. the material offers a real service to Una Sancta subscribers,

    2. the contents of the commercial advertisement does not in anyway detract from or challenge the stated purpose of Una Sancta

    3. satisfies the following conditions:

      1. Any material that conflicts with or challenges the 'Scriptural way of life' is not permitted. The examples listed below are not exhaustive.

        • vacancy for a bar-maid
        • Christmas dinner at a city hotel
        • participation in Sunday activity of a kind that may be considered to clash with what we confess in LD 38
        • products or services that may be considered 'worldly', e.g. television, beauty treatments, secular entertainments, etc

      2. Any material which seeks to draw anyone away from the service of the Lord in the Free Reformed Churches is not permitted. Examples include:

        • evangelist speaking in the town hall
        • invitation to worship elsewhere than the Free Reformed Churches
        • invitation to participate in an interdenominational activity

      3. Material seeking financial support for worthwhile interdenominational causes such as MERF [2] and MAF [3] may be accepted for publication provided the copy meets all other rules and is submitted and is shown to be authorised by a subscriber member of the Free Reformed Churches.

      4. Any material which would compete with or endanger the viability of any of the organisations within the Free Reformed Churches is not permitted.

        • advertisement seeking teaching staff
        • advertisements promoting aged care other than the FRC [4] aged care organisations
        • political, social or other organisations that have parallel organisations within the Free Reformed Churches

      5. As Una Sancta is distributed on the Lord's Day any advertising that would tend to draw the readers thoughts into weekday business is not acceptable. Examples include:

        • material that invites the reader to immediately 'phone or write in response. (This requirement may preclude mention of the cost of an article or service.)
        • price lists
        • photographs or art work that is overly prominent

        A general advertisement telling the reader the whereabouts of someone's nursery, second-hand car yard, or funeral parlour with some general information in modest language is likely to be acceptable.

      6. The contents of any advertisement must be modest and dignified. This requirement excludes advertising employing 'sales pitch', emotive language and other suchlike appeals to our debased human nature.

      7. Any advertisement submitted which has the potential to cause offense to readers, or may have cause to undermine any legitimate spiritual action by the churches, is not permitted. For example:

        • Personal or business advertisements which are submitted by a recently withdrawn or excommunicated member of the church if this can be seen to minimise the seriousness of their actions.

  3. Size of Advertisements

    The preferred size for ads offering services that are purely business (e.g. sale of music cassettes, flowers, storage and removals, travel, etc) is one quarter of a page.

    The preferred size for ads that are typically closely identified with the magazine (e.g. teacher vacancy, the bookshop, organ recital, etc) is half a page. A full page ad is generally permitted only if there is space after everything else has been given a place. Exceptions are ads announcing family affairs like marriage anniversaries and death notices.

[1]   EIC = Editor in Chief
[2] MERF = Middle East Reformed Fellowship
[3] MAF = Mission Aviation Fellowship
[3] FRC = Free Reformed Church
Adopted at meeting 68, held 29 October 2010
Amended by addition of article 2(g) by meeting 71, held 5 August 2011

last updated 17 Sep 2013
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