The synod of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia was convened on July 7th, 2003.

The Free Reformed Church of Rockingham is the convening church, and their church building in Old Mandurah Road, Baldivis is the meeting place.

Synod 2003 is the first synod to be conducted by the FRCA since the formation of classes. Synods are now convened at three-yearly intervals rather than the two-year interval previously.

According to the rules adopted by Synod West Albany 2000, each classis (south and north) will provide 8 delegates (4 ministers and 4 elders) to synod. These delegates will be appointed by Classis South at their meeting to be held DV 11th April 2003, and by Classis North at their meeting scheduled for 25th April 2003.

Synod was closed on the evening of Wednesday 16th July, and adjourned until October.


Final Acts of Synod
The final (published) version of the Acts of Synod:


All Delegates

from left to right: Rev P Nel (FRCSA), Rev J Poppe (West Albany), Elder J Mulder (Classis North), Rev A VanDelden (Rockingham), Rev W Huizinga (Armadale), Elder T Visser (Classis South), Elder G Reitsema (Classis North), Rev A Veldman (West Kelmscott), Elder J Wielstra (Classis North), Rev J Kroeze (Legana), Rev C Bouwman (Kelmscott), Elder H Ballast (Classis North), Rev W van der Jagt (Byford), Elder M Bax (Classis South), Rev JA Boersema (RCN), Rev M Flinn (RCNZ), Elder M Mulder (Classis South), Rev PKA deBoer (Mt Nasura), Elder W Vanderven (Classis South)