The foundation of the Association is the Bible, the Word of God as expressed in the three doctrinal standards consisting of the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession and the Canons of Dort. It is on these standards that we base our obligation to provide and care for our aged brothers and sisters who are members of the Free Reformed Churches.

In the care for the frail and aged residents of the Fair Haven Hostel it is our aim to consider it a privilege of working with the elderly. And the staff is committed to express this in practical and honourable ways and to show Christ's love and mercy in word and deed.

Based on the above principles we demonstrate this care for the individual needs of the residents, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. We are assisted in this by regular visits of the ministers and elders of the Free Reformed Churches.

We foster the development of talents and abilities of our residents and we encourage relatives and friends from outside the Fair Haven Hostel to join us in these efforts. We promote and assist the commemoration of events such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christian feast days and specific events.

Regularly, but especially on these occasions we reflect on God's faithfulness and love. Our focus is on our daily care and activities, but we also focus on the goal that lies ahead. With our elderly brothers and sisters we believe and look forward that God's promises are firm and true.

We believe that we belong to Jesus Christ who has made us His own and it is in the hope of life eternal that we continue to care, honour and respect our residents and together with them seek our strength to achieve that goal of perfection.

In all the strife of mortal life
Our feet shall stand securely;
Temptation's hour shall lose its power,
For You shall guard us surely.
O God, each day direct our way;
Renew us by Your Spirit
Until we stand at Your right hand
Through Jesus' saving merit

Adapted from Hymn 43 Book of Praise

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