Fairhaven was opened in 1985 with a flat and accommodation for five residents. In 1995 the Jacaranda wing was added, followed by the Jasmine wing in 1998 and most recently the Protea wing in 2002. Fairhaven is now a 23 bed hostel. In addition to the rooms there is also a kitchen, a laundry, a library/lounge, a dining/meeting room, offices, and a hairdressing facility.


A responsible team of experienced and skilled staff provide 24 hour care of the residents. The Care Manager coordinates staff and resident activity and provides leadership in ensuring residents enjoy high standards of care in a therapeutic environment. The role is also responsible for staff development as well as arranging regular visits by the hairdresser, the podiatrist, the dieticians and any other specialists that may be required by the residents. The Administrator is responsible for the financial running of the hostel as well as the requirements of accreditation and government. The role works closely with the Care Manager in arranging staffing duties and rosters.

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