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Emeritus Fund of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia (Inc)

The Emeritus Fund is a voluntary cooperative savings fund established by the Free Reformed Churches of Australia (FRCA) in 1987 to provide financial assistance to the individual member churches so that they are better equipped to fulfil their responsibilities with respect to the support of their ministers and missionaries as prescribed by Article 13 of the Church Order of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia.

Typically this will occur at such time as a minister retires or can no longer serve because of early death or a disability that renders him unable to fulfil his ministry prior to reaching age 65.

The Fund is a registered incorporated entity managed by an elected Board in accordance with the Constitution and is tax exempt.

History and Membership

The foundation members of the Fund are:
  • FRC Armadale
  • FRC Kelmscott
  • FRC Byford
  • FRC Mount Nasura
The collection of contributions - levied on the number of communicant members as at the 1st of January in each calendar year - commenced in 1988. Other congregations subsequently joined and where due to growth they spawned a new church, these new congregations in each case elected to join the Fund.
  • 1990 - FRC Launceston joined
  • 1991 - FRC Albany joined
  • 1993 - FRC Rockingham joined
  • 1995 - FRC West Albany joined
  • 1997 - FRC Legana joined
  • 1999 - FRC Southern River (then West Kelmscott) joined
  • 2002 - FRC Bunbury joined
  • 2004 - FRC Darling Downs joined
  • 2008 - FRC Baldivis joined
  • 2010 - FRC Mundijong joined
  • 2012 - FRC Busselton joined
  • 2014 - FRC Melville joined
Since 1997 all Free Reformed Churches within Australia have joined and retained their membership of the Fund.

The Board

The Board comprises the following members:

Chairman J K VanBurgel (Darling Downs)     Term expires 2020
Vice Chairman     J G Versluis (Armadale) Term expires 2018
Secretary D Lewis (Mt Nasura) Term expires 2021
Treasurer A Bax (Melville) Term expires 2020
Members M deJager (Byford) Term expires 2019
  S Groenewold (Melville) Term expires 2019

Board members are elected for a 5 year term and can be re-elected for a successive 5 year term (maximum) except the Treasurer who, after 10 years, can be re-elected annually for an indefinite term.

Constitution and Bylaws

The governance and management of the Fund is regulated by its Constitution and Bylaws.

Registered Address

The registered address of the Fund is:
102 Davy Street
Booragoon WA 6154
Tel: 0400 732 915

All correspondence and enquiries should be directed to the above address.

Board Policies

The Board Policies of the Emeritus Fund are available here.

Annual Reports

Making Benefit Claims

Please refer to latest Annual Report.

Declared Benefit Amounts
  • 2009:  $33,500 p.a.
  • 2010:  $34,750 p.a.
  • 2011:  $36,000 p.a.
  • 2012:  $37,080 p.a.
  • 2013/14:  $38,004 p.a.
  • 2014/15:  $38,574 p.a.
  • 2015/16:  $39,240 p.a.
  • 2016/17:  $39,907 p.a.
  • 2017/18:  $39,907 p.a.

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