" Bunbury Free Reformed Church

Worship Services

Two Worship services are held every Sunday.

We meet at 16/18 Lowe Street in Carey Park at 10am and 4.00pm.

In our weekly worship services we worship the God who made heaven and earth. He governs His creation so that all people might serve Him, the only true God. In church we listen to the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we read from the Bible and sing and pray together.

The songs that are sung in the worship service are taken from the Book of Praise. The prayers contain praise to God, confession of sin, pleas for pardon and blessing, as well as requests for help, healing and guidance. The heart of the service centers on the reading and proclamation of God's Word. An offering is held to support the ministry of mercy toward the needy, in gratitude to the LORD. The service closes with a benediction, which is also taken directly from Scripture.

The sacraments of Holy Baptism and Lord's Supper are administered in the worship services. As soon as it is feasible, parents request to have their newborn child baptized before the assembly of God's people. The Lord's Supper is celebrated every second month.